I Don’t Think You Can Handle the Truth “Message to those who speak without knowledge”

Time is of the essence for us to realize what is going on with our education systems in America today. Have you ever asked yourself as a parent, as a grandparent, as a brother or sister or just a community member in society what is the truth and what is a diversion from the truth. Today we have great ability to gather information from many different modes of communication. One perspective is can we assume the communication of information is the truth or not. We elect and place people into positions of power and when we do this we give ourselves a confidence of expecting the truth from these elected officials. What gets in the way is when emotion and not commonsense prevails. Patience with each report of praise or condemnation needs to be contemplated and validated with the facts. Remember there is two sides to every story. When coming to conclusions we need to make sure we have removed the emotion and satisfied the test of your research. It is an information society and what we get as the facts are not always the complete facts. Do your homework!

When you know the truth you can make an intelligent decision and support your values and beliefs. History has proven when society gives into sensationalism and journalism without integrity causes for confusion and decisions made when bad journalism or leaders without any concern for their comments prevails. There is no doubt there is good news and bad news but our acceptance has to be contemplated with caution.

Our American schools are without question the answer to a better educated society. Strength comes from the education of our population. Our duty and responsibility is to see that education at all levels and interest be available with access for all social economic levels. Education should never be retained for √©lite only. Many of our past leaders and contributors to civilization have come from all economic levels. In short never approve of any attempts to close the doors of education because of the lack of ability to educate the majority of our population. It doesn’t take to long to see what happens when you don’t make education of any county a priority. The strength of America is in its people and its diversity.