Hard Copy what is It’s Future?

What colleges and schools are searching for when looking at supplying materials.  Inside Higher Education reported today some enlightenment on the subject. Information today is primarily  from a cyber world. Our education systems are catching up with this movement slowly or faster?


Is there support for online materials?


Republican and Democratic Platform 2016

I have researched both platforms. They are here for your review. As most of my blog readers are educators I would encourage you to closely read the recommendations for education.

Republican Platform 2016


Democratic Party Platform

Thank you for taking the time to read the platforms from each party?





Teacher Methods for Different Learning Styles

In the classroom of all levels of education we experience many different learning styles. Many teachers in career schools have a strong background in their CORE subject but have not had the opportunity to study how to teach to different learning styles in the classroom. Recently I started a teacher and administrator professional development site to give both teachers and administrators the opportunity to take development courses. The courses that will appear will both enhance teachers ability to teach students but will give a greater level of success to student potential. The first courses are related to student advising and learning disabilities you may encounter from students who are in your school. Before coming into the career school sector I had been working with students with learning challenges. From this period of time when I experienced the challenges these students had facing them I completed my masters degree in special education. Now with these experiences I am giving schools the ability to grant professional develpment for their instructors to improve their teaching skills. Pleasec visit our site at Student and Teacher Success Improvement The site will be adding more courses throughout the year. Focus will be continually on school improvement and regulatory compliance.

Short Course on Learning Disabilities

Just the other night I was attending a neighborhood party. During all the conversations we were having I realized one of our good friends had a young daughter who had a leanring disability. For you who know me working with special needs students had been my life for close to twenty years before I entered the proprietary schools. After hearing some of the myths and school IEP meeting struggles I decided to publish an intro to “learning disabilitites” course. Soon you will see the course is available on “Teachable.com”. The URL for my courses are Dr. Carlson’s courses

The presentation is an easy to understand summary of the definition of learning disabilities, assessment value, teaching techniques and teaching approaches that will bring a higher potential for success with special needs students.

This presentation is for teachers at all levels and parents. After my discussion with these parents it stirred me to give some solid proven directions.

My sincere wish is that this can help teachers who have such a wide variety of students in their classrooms. Plus, famialize parents with the process of service.