Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education

Over the past weeks we have seen the USDOE taking action on Career Colleges directly and indirectly. This has happened to colleges that have been over one hundred years old who have been serving their communities by filling in the employment gaps by working with their local employers.  Career schools have always adapted to meet needs of communities and now national demands. Free enterprise America has always encouraged a mission to improve American schools. This freedom as we  know it allows for great, good and bad potential. Through the American system of governance there are procedures in dealing with rogue individual members operating in the free enterprise who choose to abuse the American school ideals. Whole out annihilation of an industry that has been serving American citizens for over one hundred years will be a disaster to communities, students and employers.  Opportunities to select freely between college or a pure career school will be limited to 800,000 students. Our congress has communicated on numerous occasions on how they want less government and not more. As citizens you are seeing more and more control of what once was the responsibility of the individual States. The money strings of your tax dollars are being managed by the federal government instead of your own local state. 

What does this mean to your schools and I mean at  all levels? Federally controlled schools. If the USDOE can in one meeting take away the rights of an institution that has served schools and colleges since 1912 and put 800,000 students at jeopardy don’t think it can’t happen to your schools. Why are we seeing the increase of charter schools and home schooling in America? Why are our metropolitan schools experiencing financial difficulty? It is time for you as citizens and taxpayers of your local and state institutions to take control of your schools again. Federal mandates come to all schools and all levels. Our forefathers did not want a federally governed education system. It is time to work with individual institutions and not scape goat an entire organization of schools at any level. It is time to let freedom be heard for schools. I assure you the finger of guilt is pointing in the wrong direction for schools for not achieving expected competencies.

Our platforms of no child left behind and focusing on subject areas has been a jargon of political platforms. Our students need an education that is not focused on standardised testing but more on potential and measured growth from starting levels of performance with attention on improved performance. This is not a foreign concept. We use it in athletics, music and employment. Training to improve is the concept that moves entire generations to higher levels of success. Platforms of school improvement have not shown great success coming from the federal government.

Please see the attached research completed in 2011 and ask yourself how much have we improved.  What focus of support have you felt in your schools or have you been experiencing cuts and good teachers leaving the profession.

2020 Vision…Will U.S. Be Ready to Compete?9

U.S. Rankings in Various International Competitiveness Indicators

Current innovation-based competitiveness


(in the world)

Percentage of young adults who graduate from high school


(in the OECD)

Science literacy among top students


(of 65 countries/regions tested)

College completion rate


(in the OECD)

High school completion rate


(in the OECD)

Density of broadband Internet penetration


(in the world)

Science proficiency of 15-year-olds


(of 65 countries/regions tested)

Proportion of college students receiving S&E degree


(in the OECD)

Mathematics literacy among top students


(of 65 countries/regions tested)

Mathematics proficiency of 15-year-olds


(of 65 countries/regions tested)

Improvement in innovation-based competitiveness in the past decade


(in the world)

Quality of mathematics and science education


(in the world)

Density of mobile telephony subscriptions


(in the world)

8 “The Condition of Education 2011”. NCES 2011033. National Center on Education Statistics, May 2011.

9 Rising above the Gathering Storm, Revisited: Rapidly Approaching Category 5. Washington, DC: National Academies, 2010. Print.

Decisions to remove an entire group of performing schools because of a directed political decision creates circumstances that would not be recoverable for many years to come. I have attached a letter going out to encourage our Senators and Congressman to become better informed with what is happening to our schools. Lets not wait to long to recognize what is happening. Please share your concerns today with your representatives. Talk to your friends and lets change this movement of destructive political ideals. Our movement should not be on destruction but focus on encouraging the successful and sustaining improvement. Destruction requires undue expenses for all of us in the future.

Letter to Congress – ACICS Schools.pdf


2 thoughts on “Your Thoughts and Actions Will Make a Difference!

  1. garyrcarlson says:

    Thank you for your response. Good to hear from you!


  2. Kris says:

    Hi, Gary.

    No one can deny the undeclared war against career colleges began anew in 2009 and has continued unabated. The desire of certain politicians to move all students into federally funded public schools where the curricula can be monitored and developed by “acceptable” companies rather than local teachers, parents, administrators and professionals simply insures that our students are introduced to only politically correct information. The development of critical thinking and problem solving skills is discouraged because those attributes lead to freedom of thought. After all, who is easier to lead: the educated or the ignorant?


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