Error Causes Collateral Damage?

How quick our governing organizations jumped to the steadfast conclusion schools in general who represented for-profit schools are fraudulent and dishonest. These comments are echoed by Senators who enjoy executive power to indict organizations without due process and promote destruction rather than construction. When the organization who makes a very dubious error and is not communicated as dishonest or fraudulent. The term used is “error”. I won’t be lead into that this was not an error or would call the Department of Education as fraudulent or dishonest for their error but I would expect our government officials do the same for organizations to receive individually ample discovery before the term is generalized for all members of a serving body. So I would remind everyone this error did cause damage to many reputable and historical schools serving their communities.

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A Country in Need of Education Alternatives


We are entering a new era of a Presidency in 2017 with an abundance of questions on where we are going in our educational committments to revive and survive the eduactional mission for a nation and our society. There has been much reported and said regarding the students, providers, funding, regulations and special interest protaginist for what should our fate be in the educational theater of America. When researching the punitive actions taken by some leaders against schools we will certainly see a backlash of not meeting the needs of a country but satisfying the personal influences on people in power. As we look at the willingness to take action on industry, schools, organizations by depicting charges on individuals in leadership or employees without due process or in a system of acquital or guilty leaves out the very foundation this country has prided itself from the days of finding freedom and liberty. Our governmental stand has been transparent on the need for protection of all people no matter race, creed, or religion. You need to ask yourself that in the past year how has this been carried out? It becomes obvious to you that when a government holds the purse strings built upon your taxes your need for due process to protect this philosophy can be ignored. I do not speak in favor of those who break the law but know that we need a process that protects society that when they are about to be judged they will have unalienable rights to expect the accusers to provide objective proof.

Are we to accept the punitive measures for those who singely have not followed regulations, policy or procedures through their leadership would afford a government to take down an entire viable provider. I can assure you that when an industry or school is destroyed there are thousands of people who are negatively effected. The current solution is to destory the operation knowing that there is a need and demand for the service being provided. The longterm economical, crime increases, health care, community deprivations, lack of skilled labor and on and on is ignored.

What am I saying? We can not be happy with the philosophy of throwing out the good with the bad. If there is bad with good what is the solution to maintain the good and fix the bad.  You will see an article I am going to attach that gives you an idea on who benefits the most with our of student loan system. Who developed the loan system? Schools legally took adavantage of the system but in the end where the purse strings are held can destroy your school system. I visit schools across this country from K-12, higher education, technology and allied health who are all looking for funding.

In the past year we have put 100 of thousands of students back on the streets because of the closure of their schools. Thousands of schools are being closed. We have seen the headlines but now what about the after effects? Institutions that have served communities for over hundreds of years who had created programs by working with the community needs are gone.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to not mention the thousands of professional employees who are out of work. Who I can vouge for with thier dedication and commitment to their students.

Today presents a new possibility and potential for you to be heard. Our technology today has the ability for you to be in touch with your elected officials that you elected if you voted. If you didn’t vote then accept your rights to still be heard. All of the elected officials today are on Twitter, Facebook and can be reached through their websites. Dont let this catastrophe be a problem we handed off to our children and grand chiildren.

This era can be the age of information but remember we are an era of fake news, personal interest influence by money donations and band wagon techniques.

I am not telling you what to say or how to say it but just be heard!

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Gainful Employment



Gainful Employment often referred to as “GE” has been a topic for legislation for some time now. As usual we as citizens are expected to rely on facts and figures that are a result of political views. The more we rely on decisions made from a distance causes for the dominoes to fall. I find it very interesting how at the end of an elected officials term there is so much activity to slam dunk as much legislation as possible because of the new administration coming into office. My experience when serving at the wishes of people that when my term was up I didn’t want to put my judgements in place at the end for someone else would have to deal with them. If you are watching the activity every day it is a shark frenzy to lock down a legacy for the current administration before they move out of the house. This smooth transition and working together for the new administration has been another smoke screen to American citizens. There is one representative that is asking for common sense in this cat fight. I have included his letter for you to read. Makes sense!

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Predictions 2017


Many education leaders have high anticipation for changes in the education governance in America in 2017. There seems to be many if’s, ands and buts. One year from today will truly give us the perspective of how far we have come with positive directions. The negative actions over the past eight years has made it much clearer where the necessary attentions should apply. I have included and article on the predictions for 2017. Make your own conclusions as to how they are on target with your opinions.

Education Predictions in 2017


Teaching Makes the Difference


by Gary R.Carlson

Teaching has been a factor in everyone’s life. Success comes to us who have had the fortune to have great teachers. Learned experiences comes from all the relationships we encounter during our life time of learning. With Maslow’s hierarchy of needs of physiological needs, Safety needs, belongingness  and love needs, esteem needs and self-actualization fits into every learning moment. When parents teach their children how to speak their native language they don’t sit them down and teach a language course. So, when we look at Maslow’s hierarchy it starts from parents, relatives, friends and experiences. As many countries turn to its need to make sure the population receives a formal education to guarantee civilization some form of order and advancement potential.  Some teachers may possess some form of good teaching techniques through their life experiences but most great teachers acquire excellence by increasing their knowledge by a life long learning pattern to reach the potential as a teacher.

Can good teaching be taught? Throughout my numerous years of working in schools I can asure you without a doubt good teachers only get better and move from good to great. What has been a positive  experience in America is the teachers and schools who have been unwilling to hang on to the traditional mode of methods and delivery are making a new way of growth in higher student success and outcomes. Teachers from the start to finish are the answer to changing lives one at a time. As we set the expectations for what will be taught in subject areas it isn’t the subjects that make the difference but it is the teacher!

Institutions educate and prepare teachers to work in our schools at all levels. When we look at the requirements to be a teacher they are based on minimum requirements. States have their own certification requirements where licenses can be issued on a timeline of expiration or what we call terminal degrees.

I have had the fortune to observe and work with many great teachers. They all have had that innate motivation to improve for the benefit of their students. Great teachers possess similar characteristics on how they reached such great achievements. Great teachers teach other teachers how to be better teachers.

The answer to the question “Can teachers be taught to be better teachers”? “Yes”