Gainful Employment



Gainful Employment often referred to as “GE” has been a topic for legislation for some time now. As usual we as citizens are expected to rely on facts and figures that are a result of political views. The more we rely on decisions made from a distance causes for the dominoes to fall. I find it very interesting how at the end of an elected officials term there is so much activity to slam dunk as much legislation as possible because of the new administration coming into office. My experience when serving at the wishes of people that when my term was up I didn’t want to put my judgements in place at the end for someone else would have to deal with them. If you are watching the activity every day it is a shark frenzy to lock down a legacy for the current administration before they move out of the house. This smooth transition and working together for the new administration has been another smoke screen to American citizens. There is one representative that is asking for common sense in this cat fight. I have included his letter for you to read. Makes sense!

Representative Letter



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