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As each day goes by there are important messages and directions to all our schools. The dominoes begin to fall as potential changes are happening for accreditation agencies and reporting responsibilities for our schools and colleges. I have added some links and commentaries to what you will or might expect coming your way. Validation for outcomes through process and the restraint of using self reporting is becoming an evident non allowable way of reporting in the future. Process within your system will become essential to validate for reporting the expectations of accreditation agencies and for the United States Department of Education.




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What Can You Believe Today??

There is so much information and what do you believe? We can believe anything you want! In today’s world you can read until you find the opinion that moves you to commitment. You also can believe the facts but that can be tough when we don’t know how the facts have been edited or left out. Some of the best facts in history have been from great leaders and philosophers who have been there and experienced the truth. Thousands upon thousand of students and teachers at for-profit schools have done a marvelous job of succeeding in life. My experience attending graduations across the United States didn’t show me failure. Negatives destroy but positives conquers with stories of success. If I could have journalized all the positives I heard from teachers and students it would fill a file cabinet. It is time to quit shooting the messenger when they have done a marvelous job for many years. It resembles the should be a time for celebration for those who have dedicated their lives to these students but instead there has been no parade. To all of you great teachers at for-profit schools I say thank you for all the students you have made a difference in their lives.

It may seem odd to show you this article but it is more of the same and my wish for all those who have been dedicated and sincere about making a difference over the years I thank you from everyone you have touched.  I am afraid we are letting the good part slip away.

How Long Can We Keep Society Angry?


Globalization, Community, Immigration, Economy, Politics

Over the years I have followed and took part in the courses online with Michael Sandel who is a professor at Harvard University. I have become a great fan of his because he makes us think. You can judge for yourself and don’t have to agree with everything he may say but it will juggle your mind a bit. Our society today has more going on than I have ever seen in my lifetime. Questions of:

Social justice and injustice

What is the pulse of the people

Is there really national prosperity

Have we lost perspective on environment, community and family

Is there any social cohesion

Are there communication issues

How has globalization caused for more inequalities


Has financial growth been for the common good?

Is a professional athlete’s or coach or financial investment person’s salary really worth more than a 1000 times more than a teacher, nurse or people who make thing?

Should we have a minimum wage or a living wage?