Stakeholders Divided Over Accreditation

Good article on what the accreditation orgnizations are facing.

Diverse Views on Accrditation


MAAC Conference April 21, 2017

It was my pleasure to present at the MAAC’s conference with discussions on accreditation and performance of our career schools. It is always encouraging to meet and communicate with such dedicated and committed professionals. They are constantly looking to improve their missions to career school students. I promised to post the slide presentation presented at the conference. Please enjoy and if you have any questions you are welcome to call me at: 317-258-3401 or email:

Accreditation and Performance2final

Michigan Association ¬†of Career Colleges and Schools


It will be my pleasure to speak at the Michigan of Career Colleges & Schools spring in-service. I have been extended this opportunity before and is always an inspiration for me to see all the great accomplishments these schools provide to their students. For my friends in Michigan I look forward to seeing you. The past years have given me the opportunity to work with many schools from northern Michigan to southern. Michigan residents are fortunate to have such dedicated people offering an opportunity for their communities. My topic at the conference will be a very timely titled, “Accreditation/Regulations/Performance”. Hope to see you soon!

Gary R. Carlson




MAAC’s Spring In-service

Accreditation With a Voice

As we proceed over the next few months there is a new awareness for accreditation directions in our future. Where we have had the voice of those who would placate and justify their actions with incompetence by not revealing the honest and ethical circumstances for all accreditation organizations. CHEA has continued to stand tall in the  confusion of rhetoric. Today they have made their stance by producing a white paper. There seems to be a new age of strength and direction with hope for our students and parents with sensible implementation of common sense actions for improvement for a new future of accrediting our schools. Please see the current accreditation organizations for education active and inactive:

Accreditation Agencies

Accreditation Agencies2

Accreditation Agencies3


CHEA White Paper