If You are a For Profit Business!

First I would like to express my support for for profit and non profit organizations and buinesses. There plenty of good operations all over the United States and serve a great purpose with a mission to serve. Lately we have had a berage of anti for profit propanganda. This is especially true for the school industry. My fortune is that I have worked in both organizations and have found some very dedicated and commited people in all facets of the organizations. My bias towards these schools is the students receiving  an opportunity to succeed. As you make your opinions be sure you view the situation with a clear and a non-stigmatizing outlook.

What I am about to show you represents missions of these organizations have honorable expectations as non-profits in America. When mislead in any communication or perception ask yourself who ultimately are the victims. The one sure asset for anyone that can never be taken away is a great education. Making unsubstantiated claims or observations serves to only promote a lynch mob attitude and the focus is not on damage control.

Below are examples of highly regarded institutions. There is a clear path on how to maintain the mission. The solution is not destruction. How would you create damage control? Information from SNOPES.


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