Accreditation in Transition


Our communities and students in the past have not thought much about accreditation and its intricate functions. At the very least parents and adults looked at accreditation as a comforting representation standard. It is probably true most students didn’t really care or did any research about their accreditation standards the college they were attending.

Times have changed and the consumer is aware of measures of outcomes and expectations from accreditors. The information stream today and availability of this information has influenced our population with social medias  widespread ability to contact many people around the world. In history we can see with more people consuming information widens the scope of people who want to be in the need to know category. College accreditation is in some what of an influx from governmental influence, student influence and tax payers. Each of these stakeholders will hold varying expectations of what accreditation for a college should mean. Accreditation’s future rest with the ability to communicate and sort out the expectations that are necessary to build a strong foundation for learning in our schools. Any and all components of accreditation for students require standards of compliance, quality and successful outcomes towards competencies of the schools mission and goals. I would like to share with you a recent article on accreditation:

Today’s Need for Accreditation


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