Student Assessments of Faculty

Student Assessments, do they really measure the value of a teacher?

Results of Faculty Evaluation table2

Over the years I have spoken about the metrics that are best used to look into a classrooms success. Teachers are the catalyst of instructional learning outcomes. The actual achievement in reaching these outcomes are the paramount to assessing the accomplishment of the educators mission. How would individual student assessments of their teacher substantiate the success of course?  We have been transformed into an age of outcome measurements both in the classroom and on the job. It is time to be supportive of measuring the outcomes by the achieved competencies and expectations for students attending a course. Students assessments lack the validation of measured success in the course.

When considering student assessments variables they become skewed with individual personalities, perceptive values of the course, when the assessment of the teacher is taken, dropped students often never have the opportunity report their assessment and personality conflicts.

Course success is dependent on the teacher. Every course has a course description and syllabi which outlines a strategy to complete milestones for competency outcomes. Ask yourself which would be more meaningful to students and employers to measure? Would it be students subjective judgements or objective achievement of compentency outcomes?

I have included an article referring to research where bias creeps into the equation of student faculty assessments. Schools who are looking to improve professional development and improve student success need to consider outcomes accomplished.

Faculty Evaluations by Students

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