Improve Attitudes and Performance



An important ingredient, necessary to improve attitudes and performance in a company, is the knowledge of what the top management believes, how they measure and evaluate others and their sense of values.  These might be described as a list of business principles or what they consider to be the “Key Element for success”.  Following is a list of my personal “Keys”:

  • Service first profit later—profits follow value.
  • Value is the only sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Always tell the bad news first—not last.
  • Give bad news in person, good news in writing.
  • Don’t allow surprises—always give fair warnings.
  • Concentrate on the customer/student.
  • Don’t compromise quality for price.
  • Plan the strategy before fixing the structure.
  • Don’t confuse brightness with judgment.
  • Do keep your eggs in at least five baskets—only take one “big risk” at a time.
  • Be careful of “quick-fix” managers.
  • Don’t put a new person (to us) in a new job (to them).
  • Hire (manage) smart rather than manage hard.
  • Don’t promote a functional manager to head a major division.
  • A professional manager is one who gets the job done.
  • The boss should be the head salesman.
  • Understand what really makes a company (branch, division) “tick.”
  • Always play “what-if,” analyze alternative strategies and have a contingency.
  • “About right” today is better than “exactly wrong” tomorrow.
  • Study the environment—things we cannot control; become one with our industry.
  • Do bet on a person—not a product, invention, or idea.
  • A successful person makes up their mind very quickly and changes it very slowly.  An unsuccessful person makes up their mind slowly and changes it very quickly.
  • Help people reach their full potential—catch them doing something right.
  • Action and assessment separates planners from doers.
  • Timely accurate reporting is crucial to survival—Accountability = Success.
  • Do first things first and last things never.
  • The customer is not everything; he or she is the only thing.
  • Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.
  • Education will follow health care into free market resource allocation.
  • Highest of ethical and regulatory responsibility—ZERO TOLERENCE.
  • Trust individuals, not ideas, patents, or copyrights.
  • We can make a difference.  We can make a change.
  • There is no I in team but there is in SMILE.
  • Reward in public and punish in private.
  • Give all the credit and take all the blame.
  • Hire smart and nice people who care and constantly train.   You cannot train “nice.”  Most everything else you can.
  • Over pay at the highest level of competence before promoting to lowest level of incompetence.
  • If you will not train your replacement, you DO NOT have job security.
  • We are only as strong as our weakest teacher.


Those who do not set SMART goals are destined to work for those who do.

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