SEC Court Case Update for ITT

If any of you were interested in where the court case with ITT CEO and CFO has progressed this is an article explaining the next steps.

SEC litigation against former ITT executives continues


Does Nonprofit Schools hold the secret?


If I become a nonprofit school does this equip me to have a better school for the students?   Does eliminating the nasty word profit solve our education problems? Why would a school want to be a nonprofit over a for profit? As I travel across the country, schools are pondering and wagering on what ways they can continue to provide the best possible education for their current and future students with the governmental restraints imposed upon them. It would be hard-pressed not to say communities over a hundred years have utilized career education to supply skilled workers into the workforce. Student enrolments have gone up and down but they have not gone away. Today’s demand for skilled workers at the entry-level is higher than it has ever been. The current journalism and some politicians have approached for-profit schools in line with the old phrase “throwing out the baby with the bath water”. The dedication and commitment these schools have had for their graduates and communities have driven them to look at other sources of organization and delivery systems. You will see in this article an example of how there is a throwing in of the towel for the old system for a new one.

Profit VS Nonprofit