Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education

  Traveling to colleges and schools every week I often have the opportunity to hear some systemic conversations from school leadership. It is no surprise much of the talk is the same. Recruitment and the admissions process is in the state of change. Norton&Norris has been on top of these influences and conducting professional advise …

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A good friend of mine and attorney of law wrote an explanation of the ACICS reinstatement. Jay Vaughn has been active in the proprietary school sector for many years. I thought I would share with you what his firms account is regarding ACICS. ACICS

  Secretary Betsy DeVos is preparing to reveal some of the anticipated changes in the regulatory rules. Rather the rules be accepted or not we all know that there has been no even playing ground for colleges, universities, junior colleges, private colleges and nonprofit. It also relates back to many schools and colleges who have …

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