Get ON With It


by: Gary R. Carlson

Education Expert Consultant


An ongoing saga of events continue from our Washington leaders. Days and months continue to revolve around destruction and persecution when the American citizens are looking for resolution and improvement by the building of a better system. In education today we are facing student loan issues, teacher pay, high cost of education with tuition rates that places graduates in debt for years or maybe even life. It would be nice to see a constructive plan rather than destructive. Education in any society is the blueprint to any and all of our citizens success. As we view our issues much of what was part of education about being a family and a U.S. Citizen has been eliminated from the schools. Our teachers are placed in positions that do not encourage imagination and reduces their ability to express values of grace.

Tearing each other apart will not move this country into a solidarity position. Experiencing the collapse of team and the personal attacks of any individuals can be the recipe for complete disillusionment of the citizens of the country. The ongoing movement to put all citizens into one lump sum of achievement and measure it with standardized test. The promotion of taking each student from one baseline point of functioning and move them to a higher level. The only correct measure is a move to the highest potential of each student’s capability. Standardized test only measure a cohort group with acceptable levels of achievement based upon averages.

Standardized test is not the only regulatory restrictions that has move our schools in the wrong direction. Holistic education has become an exception as more than the rule. Parents with financial means have move their children and young people to private schools that have the ability to have established curriculum that approaches a complete education with a holistic approach. Schools had the options to recognize the culture of the community and the responsibility to prepare their students for a life of exposure they would encounter. If you were a student in the twentieth century your school experience was not restricted but carefully included life experience. School plans included problem solving, humanities, arts, sciences, health, government, manual arts, physical education and spiritual knowledge. Society in time resembles what is needed to improve the future path of the nation. It is like any recipe you need to add the right ingredients and discover what has been left out.

Our future is not being duped by false information communicated by those we should be confident in leading their constituency. The saying “Never Judge a Book by Its Cover” applies here. We all need to look deeper into these people with their experiences and success when dealing with education at their home base. It is always amazing to me when a person can be related to failure in their own state but are experts in Washington D.C. Examples of this are states like California and Illinois who are suffering deep financial issues with their schools but the representatives who have the loudest squeaky wheels in D.C. are from these states. We have only ourselves to blame when we discover a new existing generation. They are created by the previous generation.

The moral of this story is to bring back what we have lost and add-on for what we need.





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