Life Begins at 55+


There is enough evidence that our past has proven there is no specific age for lack of expectations, imagination or creativity. The above chart gives perspective of how many instances where a myth was broken when these people began an institution that made a difference in all our lives. Looking at our new age with millennial and Gen Z’s there is much to be said and considered in our education circles. If we were to look at the baby boomers and the onset of great health care today people are living longer. Many of these people have possessed jobs and positions with accountability and responsibility they loved. Some have moved on by considering a new occupation with some training. These people are not looking for a rocking chair but are looking to know more avenues of challenge. Institutions who are considering short-term programs for improvement of skills and updating to new technology could be the perfect fit for people age 55 and older. Looking at health and comparisons by decades the new age 50 would could be 40. Just how long can these people work and be productive? Our new era is full of people with great wisdom and experience. This is why it is good for the age 50 and older to consider going to school.

Back to School at Age 50+

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