Non profit message

What venue is the best possible way of providing education for a population looking to learn. History has always granted the freedom to offer education as a free enterprise by public, private, secular  pk-12, career education, trade education, and higher education. This history has exemplified the freedom of choice for families and individual learners. This choice has been determined on many factors with the determination that appeals to the learner with their own assessment of value for them. As some individuals and politicians have chosen to select some of these sector providers as inappropriate the ability to meet the needs of the seeking learner has become difficult. Looking at the supply and demand perspective America is experiencing a gap in the depleting opportunities in the trade education with a high demand for trade skilled workers gap. In a recent article online with; 25 High Demand Jobs In 2018 ( article ).

As a result of these gaps and vacancies our governance approach is to deter the suppliers for this type of education with the rationale that for profit is evil. Many false statements have been generalized to an entire sector in relationship to for-profit categories. It isn’t difficult to see where a free society is attacked on the pretense of ant-for-profit pursuits being bad. Trade schools were created over 200 years ago to supply society with employees with the skills. Employers recognized the need and the lack of supply so quickly started their own education programs. Throughout time in history the evolution of schools have continued to provide skilled workers through this process. Now there is an onslaught of affecting the ability to supply the necessary skilled workers in America. Employers of the skilled workers are experiencing the lack of available skilled workers.

Schools with the ability to provide these educational programs are attempting to comply to provide the necessary educational opportunities. As the delivery method is being attacked the schools are looking to continue by complying with other regulatory possible approvals.  It is evident some of the schools are looking to non-profit as the possible answer to provide the education to trade school learners. Attached is the link to one school which is making this attempt.

Grand Canyon

The question is how can we put an end to not providing the opportunity for learners interested in the trades. America is in a serious lack of trade skilled workers. The answer cannot be to eliminate the opportunity. It is obvious the answer is accessibility for interested learners to obtain the necessary education. The political focus is not the solution but only the demise of accessibility.

You the reader can be the answer to these issues. A basis of integrity and truth is the road to serving our communities with the need to provide the supply of employees needed. Your legislative representatives need to move away from looking for the smoking gun but look to a creative outlook to increase opportunity for the trade school learners.