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Life Long Learning



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Life long learning ten or fifteen years ago may have had a different meaning than today. The baby boomers viewed the value of how life presented itself with the opportunity to continue to learn both experiential and formally. As they proceeded through life from their career experience and life long engagement they all learned the skills and values of the times. Today, not so! We live in a fast changing world with affect on all stages of life. Our higher education system may have been looked at in the past as a one stop activity in life. When viewing the economy, generations, society and new skill demands on our population has influenced the demand for updates. Education in itself is going to be required to change how they provide current and future plans for plans in our schools and colleges. Higher education will need to prepare for the returning students who will need to learn the new necessary skills for all aspects of education discovery and research adjustments. Both hard skills and soft skills will be affected with the changing world demands. Exciting times when we accept the idea there is a need for change. Please see the “Life Long Learning” article link.


Life Long Learning