Jobs Over 55,000 Dollars a Year?


city new york statue of liberty usa

There is lots of rhetoric about jobs, education and employers needs. Gallup has recently completed a research study. addressing many of the questions now being asked by high school graduates and  non-traditional students. Gallup is a well-known research organization that has proved some hypothesis and disapproved others. Their excellence has been put to the test by business corporations, political science, medicine, psychology and host of other inquiries. By Gallup accepting this challenge they have put a light of knowledge into the actual facts of what exist in the United States today. I would encourage educators, politicians and employers to read the Gallup study so the truth of the matter can be communicated and used to improve our needs and fill the gaps. Enclosed you will read the entire study. Be sure to share this with other colleagues and friends.

There is a need and it is time to address it through appropriate programs which lead to success for our students.



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