Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education

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Schools and colleges have great opportunities to meet the needs of their communities. Looking back on the origination of why proprietary schools were in such demand was the necessity to provide education and training in the workforce areas of need. Employers would say in that time the only way to meet the skills gap was to look to proprietary schools who considered the trades and technical skills as a way to meet the demand needs. As the pendulum swings the gap areas are clearly delineated by the workforce and their frustration with the lack of trade and technical school graduates. It is indeed refreshing to see a curriculum publisher who has stepped out in front to meet these needs for schools. It appears, NEXTSTEP has made entry and implementation for new and current schools very transparent. I have included the announcement below. It has been a tough time with schools in the last several years. Returning to our root expertise with the demand makes perfect sense.

Quantum Educational Services , a leader in Higher Education content, counseling and consulting,is pleased to announce the launch of NEXTSTEP, an educational product designed to help Career Schools , Community Colleges and Companies bridge the skills gap.
> IT, Cybersecurity, Health Care and Project Management are all changing and educational institutions have not changed to meet employer needs. As a result, 3.5 million open jobs go unfilled because Colleges do not address Company needs. In addition, imbedded certifications are a must in order to demonstrate competence. NEXTSTEP has partnered with CompTIA, ESPA and others to provide demonstrably qualified employees.
> If you have interest in programs in automation, robotics, IOT, cybersecurity, Health Information technology, nutrition, health information management, project management or other programs, contact us at

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