Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education



Senator Warren is one of the best scapegoat rhetoric communicators of “who are the bad people?” We have to many dictatorial candidates around the world who have found sensationalism to be their mode of operation. To be sure that when we attack with sensationalism is a way to get attention and produce fear into your hearts and minds. When individuals attack race, religion or freedom it has been destructive historically. The only thing we don’t know about our future is the history we have not read. Our American leaders have for centuries found the purpose for American citizens to have freedom of choice. When anyone has directed their motivation to reduce your freedom or take it away diminishes the value of your voting rights. I have always been a proud American who has had a long history of family who have fought for those rights. When ever I see someone spouting rhetoric with generalized threats and accusations about institutions or people I am concerned. Senator Warren’s lack of knowledge on the service of all educational institutions is transparent. Her direct attack on all career schools is a complete generalization of all schools in that particular sector.  Anyone who has taken this position encourages actions for innocent people being hurt. Over the past eight years it has been devastating to see how students, communities, and teachers across the country have been negatively affected by being associated with career schools. My career has taken me across all levels of education for the past fifty years. My association with America education has given me the opportunity to meet and work with a great number of dedicated and committed educators. It is without question the actions of people like Senator Warren has influenced the destruction of the ability of these people to perform great outcomes for student lives and teachers to perform great achievements for their students.

We all must believe in a system that was created to deal with the bad actors in any individual or organization. Our freedom was derived from these guidelines by our forefathers to not make prejudicial accusations or generalizations about masses of people. These protections allow for a nation that embraces creativity and diversity. As an educator now for fifty years I have always been proud of the systems that has been developed to meet the needs of a nation, state and community. The opportunities of education have arisen by the pure knowledge of supply and demand in each of our habitats where we live. Whenever we strike down anyone of these opportunities we are affecting our citizens residing in these communities. They are faced with economic issues, employment issues, crime issues, welfare issues and mental health. By striking down any provider in a community which understands the need of that community there becomes a great gap. To maintain a strong healthy community the population needs to remain competitive by being a nation strong with well-educated people. By attacking any niche of education for destruction there will be a group of people adversely affected.

city new york statue of liberty usa

America strong is the right to attend private schools, charter schools, public schools, nonprofit schools, career schools, community colleges, secular and non secular schools. All of these schools and colleges were an outgrowth of freedom of choice. Take any one of these offerings away and you are affecting a specific category of student with specific needs. Professional teachers are equipped and trained to work with their student base and are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the entering student enrolled.

As a U.S. citizen I am making an appeal to you to be wary of all out attacks on institutions that have served us well over 200 years. We are a diverse country with varied needs. Individuals who are egocentric with polemic views can put our communities in grave danger. Be selfish with your freedom and don’t adhere to any proposal of action that may take it away from you.

The time has come where your communication can no longer be the silent majority but will be an out cry of sanity for our communities and neighbors. Communicate with your friends, neighbors, and elected officials that now is the time to let your voice be heard.

Education inherently was to be guided and built by the states and their local communities. There is enough proof today to see we have followed a money trail that has taken us away from this local control and the ability to have the freedom of choice.

As you proceed to all our elections national, state, and local be sure to be informed. False declarations and false accusations need to be discovered by you the consumer of news. You cannot depend on what you read or hear may be true. The facts need to be your guide. Never, Never give up your freedom to have a choice. Your vote in the future may be to keep your freedoms or give them away.


I think I found a way to get votes?

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