Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education


If you are reading this and have a job or may be unemployed this article may add some light into the future. Depending on your age you may or may not have seen the pendulum swing back and forth with jobs available, jobs not available, low unemployment rates and high unemployment rates. The 21st century has brought a  new phenomenon for the workforce of America. The categories in the past now needs to add a new class. Opportunities with new employment will be for job skills that have not  been required in the past. This spells out clearly that we may be approaching job opportunities in high abundance. The conundrum is where will you be qualified. If you are in high school or college your decisions about your employment possibilities lies at the forefront of what knowledge and skills will be in demand.

It is apparent how important schools and colleges become as our future is determined by the choices we make. A Georgetown University study acknowledges the importance of education and post secondary education. What seems to be obvious is your choices should consider level of education and skills necessary to achieve your goals of living out a life of fulfillment. We are created to enjoy our work role in life. Knowing this we need to understand how important it is to consider our future and the journey we will take in our lives. Schools and post secondary education leaders and teachers have a commitment to open the door to possibilities. This path needs to prompt an understanding which makes a difference in our life when I get up every day and go to work. Today, in 2019 our rewards of what we do necessitates learning to the level it makes us happy with a skill and being competitive in a workforce in need. A high school education alone simply provides our population that usually exists on an hourly work job. It is usually a job that may have a skill that is fleeting and what once was competitive or necessary could be replaced with technology or becomes unnecessary.  The more advanced learning obtained gives all of our job seekers on a track for being competitive and skilled.

Clearly, attending post secondary education provides this population a higher lifetime income. Associate Degree attainment in demand skill areas earn lifetime income equal to a Bachelor Degree lifetime income on average 28% of the time. A Bachelor Degree graduate has the potential on average earning in a lifetime of 2.3 million dollars.

Realizing all of this documented information what could be the spasmodic outcomes that are going to happen that may cause America to have employers required to look outside of the borders to fill their gaps of employment? This this circumstance is present today. Our perceptible vision of what will transpire may be clouded by rhetoric which singles out solutions where harm may actually come with bias, prejudice or individual benefit. Foreseen predicaments that will be issues in the near future.

  • Lack of employer and school articulations with meaningful outcomes of career discovery and feasibility for future occupations
  • Reduction of opportunities for citizens to locate and learn appropriate skills to be competitive
  • Accepting political solutions for an educational blueprint which focuses on financial liquidity
  • Lack of understanding the freedom of choice for communities to provide locally or statewide education equal to the needs
  • Lack of support for diverse opportunities by special niches of schools
  • Teacher retention and performance improvement
  • Flexibility on delivery methods of obtaining an education
  • Creativity reduced with obstructions by a cold oppressive regulatory environment
  • Reactionary leaders
  • accessibility
  • affordability
  • Quick fixes
  • Governed schools strictly by regulations

Knowing these predicaments our society needs to become involved in the decision-making for their schools in America. This is one area of outcomes that can be affected by the citizens of the country. U.S. citizens have always been committed to education because of its potential outcomes. There has been a slow gradual slippage of ability to make a difference from the majority world census in the education footprint in our community.

Schools and Colleges in the past few years have been under stress from the financial influences governing public schools and schools who have accepted federal government assistance. The recognized schools today in America who have been or could be affected by the financial strings attached to their schools:

Types of Postsecondary Schools
  • Colleges.
  • Universities.
  • Community colleges.
  • Junior college.
  • Career school, technical school, or vocational / trade school.
  • Public vs. Private.
  • Special Interests.

Schools are an outgrowth of community needs and freedom of choice by their citizens. This existence has been present for many years but in the 21st century the control and decisions of existence has been lost at the local and state levels. Individuals have run and championed the understanding of censoring what used to be community freedom of choice schools to outliers who scapegoat some providers. Any type of school being targeted for demise which offers needed skill and knowledge development should not be removed from the community’s populations opportunity.


Since 2016, one hundred career schools plus have been closed. In the Forbes magazine December 13, 2018, there is a frightening article entitled “Will Half Of All Colleges Really Close In The Next Decade?” It reported that 25% of private colleges were now running at a deficit. Even public colleges expenses have outpaced revenue for the past three years.

As a citizen of this country this predicament will likely affect each of us. The answers t these issues you may have heard will not be the quick fix to the issues. Re-engineering schools will come from innovation and ground roots of community and state. The basis of free college is absurd. You and my fellow citizens will pay a high price to make that happen. This will only attach more restraints to a system that already holds burdens of financial strings over our schools. Many thousands of students and individual schools from the list above have been closed in the last three years which were motivated by federal government actions.

It is time to separate from a predicament to state and community local control.



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