Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education


My friend Rick Hess has recently written a good explanation of the loan forgiveness plan proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren. Rick is a well-known author and authority in the progressive leadership for all levels of education. I had the fortune to work with him on an AEI committee and found great respect for his knowledge and wisdom.

I have included his article and have summarized some of this highlighted points.

  • Public as in the past need to take responsibility for loans. (median student loan debt is 17,000 dollars)
  • Paying off debt with government tax money is an insult to the intelligence of the tax payer.
  • Middle class workers who work hard to pay bills will be excluded from Senator Warren’s plan.
  • Those who benefit will be unemployed age in twenty-something with poetry grads from pricey schools win big.
  • precedence on bail outs has become a false answer to improvement plans
  • Senator Warren’s plan rewards big borrowers
  • Sets up punishment for those who have scrimped and teaches that playing by the rules is for suckers.


Why Elizabeth Warren’s college debt plan sucks Frederick M. Hess

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