Higher Education Indoctrination

Decades of False Claims of what produces success?

I would have to say that after my high school graduation my life has been an ongoing life long learning journey. Throughout this experience my perceptions have changed dramatically during my fifty years of observing how American Secondary Schools has indoctrinated our youth to making a college education the answer for a brighter future. The message and guidance provided by high schools over the years has been working with those students who would qualify for a college experience. When entering a guidance counselor’s office you could browse the college catalogues from local or national colleges. Technology helped by guiding students to more colleges on to additional college opportunities. If you attend a high school graduation you will see high praise for student graduates matriculating on to college or the United States Armed Services. There was no glamour in anything but college.


It is quite apparent we have done a good job of researching our success or failure with the student candidates. Our education system still seemed to prevail by allowing these dropout students by getting a second chance. Many of these students came to proprietary schools to learn a skill or trade. Interesting that this becomes a second choice when there is such a high demand for skilled professionals in America. When proprietary schools were chastised for recruiting these students nothing was mentioned where they were before career school. Career schools helped commerce in each their communities by filling in the gaps. Every community has an abundance of these talented individuals who came to the career schools to better their lives. Most all career schools admitted students from categories of directly out of high school (students who didn’t do well enough to look like college material), working adults average age 26 or higher who had come to the realization for a need of a skill, college dropouts who were better placed in a career school matching their aptitude and skill sets, industry employed people looking to promotions or a different career were all coming to career schools for the answer to their future. By viewing history over the past 100+ years career schools have been in the background doing a stellar job of providing education to several thousand students every year.

Capitalism: America’s society has been built upon this pillar by which investment in and ownership of the means of productions, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals corporations. The cornerstone of our society has been built on this premise. Indiscriminately business and our economic systems have prospered by allowing businesses to institute education for potential or current employees by seeking out education programs that coordinate with the free enterprise of business. Career schools became an outgrowth of business leaders implementing their own schools to fill the need gaps in their businesses with trained employees.

Throughout history our laws have dealt with leadership outcast who didn’t follow the policies governed by our society. It is truly a fact of life this has happened in almost every business practice or profession in existence in America. Thankfully we have often not destroyed the industry but only admonished the leaders who would dictate any illegal practice. Our society has seen this in the banking business, insurance, stock market, government and schools. After the dust settles we didn’t do away with banks, insurance, stock market or government. In the last four years the American people have to consider how they are going to fill the gaps of lost career education for skilled workers. Thousands of career schools students have been put on the street and schools closed. The after schock of this calamity is about to raise its head in our communities across all regions. As the demands of skilled professionals increase the reality will be there is not enough graduates to fill the jobs and not enough programs at the career level for interested students to enroll.

This special niche that was created over 100 years ago has been abruptly destroyed. Career schools remained in existence without much fan fare. It is like breathing when we don’t give it much thought until there is no more air to breathe.

In most cases we all need to turn to our governing class to solve this issue. This issue was taken from the private sector and given to the governing class which has now become the political class. Their decisions and leadership will depend on their backgrounds and experiences. If you would just ask yourself how many governing leaders have experience on your education community career schools needs you would probably be surprised.

While looking at this map see where your Senator attended college?

Looking at the map there are some outstanding colleges represented with huge endowments and high tuition. Did your Senator attend a college in his or her state? Does your Senator represent your region? How many Senators are from ivy league schools? How many attended private versus public colleges?

Fifty-seven of one hundred senators have law degrees.

My only enlightenment for you as a citizen is what would you expect from a politician with limited experiences and who have come philosophically from the given colleges and universities. I am absolutely assured they need your vote but how are they going to represent what they don’t know? I am looking to an era where there can be two sides to every story and the sole mission is to educate American’s that all aspects of education can be available with collaboration of community, employers, schools and government.

A recent article from AEI published how Google has shown bias in searching colleges.

Another reason we should make our judgements wisely knowing bias exists.

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