Is Racism a Matter of Life?

What are your biases in life? How did we acquire these biases? Can they be changed? Do our leaders have biases? Over the past decade with the ability to use the communication opportunities of social media, news media, webcast, entertainment and politicians we have enabled the opportunity to embellish our own biases in hopes to get others onto our wagon. We have all grown up with shaping of our minds with beliefs, faith, hope, joy, and most of all our self preserved principles. All of these characteristics shapes our conduct and personality. Where does this come from; by either learned bias from formal education or by experiences in life’s journey or through our own research of the valued principles we hold dearly to ourselves. Lets start with ourself with what we believe.

My life started with a family of no professionals but mainly skilled laborers and service employees. During my era in this world there was great joy and hope in America with World War II ending. I surrounded by family that had served in the armed services and prided themselves on there high level of patriotism. I learned by family respect for those who served to stand for the U.S. flag and to say the pledge of allegiance. My knowledge of World War II was only from my family. This practice wasn’t a burden for me and it presented a great deal of pride for me to live in such a great successful country. My father chose to join the Army National Guard and remained at this duty for the rest of his life. Serving was not an obligation but was a privilege. My small community in Iowa resonated with this same principle of patriotism.

Education for me was part of what everyone needed to do to better themselves in life. Because of family education influence school stopped after high school. No one in my family had gone beyond high school and some hadn’t finished high school. My future didn’t promise or include anything after high school graduation. During this time my peers were preparing to leave after graduation and go on to college. There was a great sense of pride for them to be going on to college. My outlook on my future was not quite as glamorous when my high school counselor had advised me that I should look at getting work in a gas station after graduation. My performance dictated this for me and I can’t tell you how much that seemed reasonable to me. This is where my first greatest bias came to guide me. I just knew I didn’t have what it takes to go to college or graduate.

My future even with my bias had something different in mind. My family and peer group in my life encouraged me with hope for further education. In1967 I left my community and went to college and a whole new world with biases became quite apparent in the city versus all my experiences in life. We all become observers of behavior we consider to be wrong and with the influenced by biases that came directly from family and community. Our observations revealed positive leadership and sometimes we would see negative human behavior. Society revels on biases of race, religion, politics and economy. College was becoming a melting pot of ideas with now the opportunity to make choices. As we make these choices establishes the rode we will follow. How did you get on that rode of beliefs you have? Was it fact versus hear say? Was it opinion versus research? Was it faith and trust versus knowledge? By making the decisions did we become stronger by living up to these beliefs with my peers and ongoing trends? Our influences of change were television, news reporters, nation wide coverage, sports figures, entertainers and leaders in our country who could direct a mission towards certain beliefs and consequences.

Today’s world is much more sophisticated. Influence and intention of social media, news media, and technology has become a major influence on society to change minds, ideas, positions, faith and trust. What may be in question is the values and bias that may exist with the responsibility to act upon the truth.

Sensationalism, bias and prejudice without accountability or responsibility can excite people into a frenzy with truth or lack of truth.

So where does all of this take us in a country we have been so proud to live? How has our leadership been affected by these pitfalls of bias? Or has it been embraced to abuse and lead with their own biases instead of the truth. A bias often is from the experiences of a person’s life in education, family, religion, political parties, race and wealth. When many of these biases are examined we find examples of mistruths and damaging outcomes to our communities in general.

Biases among ourselves and this country are many. Today we must be capable of determining what bias our population is positive or negative by the truth. It is imperative to require ourselves to not carry on sensational ideas and yellow journalism by reinforcing false facts.

Positive bias can be very enriching and productive. Let’s be bias for right versus wrong. Our forefathers spelled it out very well with categories of necessary pillars of truth. Our future lies in the ability to look back and forward at the same time to learn from our mistakes and build upon a new world. This cannot become the society that had so much information they didn’t know how to sort it out or analyze for the truth.

We must proceed by:

  • Reject Passivity to represent the truth
  • Accept responsibility for the directions we could be going
  • Lead courageously in your family and community

Embrace life to be a positive force to embrace that we are all truly created equal. Our journey on this earth becomes confusing and irrational from the disparity of prejudice with biases and mistruths. Bias and prejudice is uncomfortable which gives us the knowledge it is wrong. Family importance and the values of family can be the catalyst to a positive change in life. We are the change that needs to happen. Mentorship of appropriate over inappropriate starting at home brings hatred into love.

God Bless

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