Mentors of Bethany In America

Let me tell you about a story of love, hope, dedication and commitment. Five years ago six men had an idea of improving life for people who had met with discouragement by being homeless, incarcerated, expelled from their neighborhood schools, children who had experienced an absentee father, alcoholism, addiction and abuse. Society has been approaching this phenomenon for as long as I can remember. Our direction to resolve these issues in the past has only created a well known cyclical occurrence of recidivism by not breaking this cycle of life stigmas attached to people in the circle. This situation is compelling enough for communities to logically develop a new roadmap to success. The conditions clearly add variables to the afflicted that are similar and outcomes from these variables are predictable. It is long overdue that the methodology of implementation for those individuals caught up in the cyclical inclusion of a dysfunctional life. From this obvious evidence of unsuccessful outcomes the brain trust of the small group sat out to find a way to break the cycle and establish a foundation which leads to a better life for these afflicted people.

At the grassroots start in 2015, it was the intentional goal to follow a meaningful mission attached to a nonprofit organization. To incorporate a nonprofit required hours of work with people devoted to legal compliance, services by servant leaders, reasonable budget for start/up, create a board of directors, recruit volunteer mentors, programs with identifiable curriculum as related to qualified participants being served, creating partnership with other organizations providing care for our potential participants in our programs and establishing an efficient financial, compliant , service business organization. From these days came patience and commitment by Mentors of Bethany In America the birth of services at the local jail, open door mission and a street school. These beginnings for our board of directors and volunteers had no real conceptualization of how needed an organization like this would be complimentary to other services to attack past recidivism into actual life preserving skills for family, community, faith and health. Changing a negative path of life doesn’t have to be a punitive experience. This story didn’t end upon the current services. Mentors of Bethany In America has continued to expand into new spaces of need. By May of 2021, Mentors of Bethany In America has expanded into six sites and have others to consider. Their outreach has been recognized by local communities, county organizations and state support.

At this point you have read about this miraculous journey of an incredible revolution of taking a path not before traveled. Sounds a little unbelievable but sometimes the greatest answers to healing may not be expensive. Mentors of Bethany In America have developed a replicable process any community or organization can adopt. This journey has created a call for help from others who have used old techniques which haven’t worked. It is their heartfelt search to explore other processes that is not the norm of dealing with people from the past but to accept the idea of helping people reject passivity, accept responsibility, lead courageously and have faith in eternal life.

Mentors of Bethany In America has relied on mentor volunteers who are from all walks of life who have proven they are people who are accepted as trustworthy agents of positive change. Mentors are equipped to provide the natural life skills of simple honest practices by carrying. Mentors are given the tools of material, equipment, facilities, and budget to supply the needs to improve the lives of who they serve. It is a natural belief that people don’t really care about what you know until they know that you care.

Please visit our website at :

What started with six men has grown into a full operational service oriented as an answer to a history of repetitive behaviors that only encourage more of the same. During these years people have experienced their lives growing by becoming productive citizens in their own communities, mended marriages, children reuniting with their parents, beating alcoholism, escaping addictions and complying with the law. As we are mentors, coaches and people who are not quick to judge I am reminded of the book “A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love” by Valarie Kaur and her quote “When a critical mass of people practice together, in community and as part of movements for justice, I believe that we can begin to create the world we want, here and now.”

When visiting our website please consider a donation. Our need request has quickly surpassed our financially capabilities. Our proof of outcomes is producing less crime, reduced welfare, and increasing community leaders.

Gary R Carlson

Executive Director for Mentors of Bethany in America.

Our outreach can be both face to face or online technology. By technology we now have members from Indiana, Minnesota, Arizona, Nebraska, and Iowa. We invite people from all walks of life to join us in our journey. Our mentors are engaging in all types of service organizations along with churches with men, women and youth.


If you email us please leave your name and phone number and will be happy to contact you. If you would rather have us email you just let us know in your correspondence.

God Bless and We hope to serve you in the future!

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