Most of you reading this article have one thing in common. No matter what age you are, race, religion or economic status we have equality to be a citizen of the United States. If I asked you what is your definition of citizenship what would be your answer? When I started school in 1951, civics was part of the curriculum to give us the perspective of where citizenship accountability would be encouraged in our society. In countries where citizenship is not recognized you become a serf, slave or subject. Citizenship as created by our forefathers represented the accountability for citizens to be responsible for aspects of political, social, and cultural life styles. There intention was not to return to rule they had fled from such as theocracy, kings, autocrats and oligarchy. The United States was a new experiment in government where citizens became a major influence on the jurisdictions on civilization that granted certain freedoms and rights without any undue overly burdensome expectations dictated by a government that would exclude the rights of the citizens. Throughout the past seventy years citizenship has become in jeopardy in America.

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Let’s start this journey of looking at governance and the intentions of our first forefathers as they created the foundation of the new nation and its protections for the people. Even with our diversity of representation with separate ideals and biases it was clear the new nation was not to be anything like any other country had ever seen before. Leadership was focused on the rights of the citizens and a national government role that would have explicit and restricted responsibilities. Planning by these leaders was by accepting the responsibility to protect the security of the nation and working towards domestic tranquility. A goal was always communicated to preserve safety. Founders at this time felt very strongly as they foresaw a very limited government interference with the daily lives of citizens. The founders never felt the need to create bureaucracy of departments of commerce, education, housing and urban development.

Minimal government meant the domestic economy was funded by state and local levels. The forefathers even included the safe guards of interstate commerce so individual states would not interfere with commerce.

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Men during this time well understood the possibility of how governments could grow, This is why they started to work on the “Bill of Rights” which gave the Constitution an additional layer of protections. Each of these protections were to have a government endeared to protecting individual rights. The Bill of Rights was a protection where a government could never grow so big to ignore the rights of the individual and economic liberties of American citizens.

The following quotes come from the “Institute for Policy Innovation” which comes from their adapted study of American government.

  1. There are now more Americans employed by government than by the entire manufacturing sector in America.
  2. In the past 25 years the federal government has spent $2.5 trillion on welfare and aid to cities. This enough money to purchase all of the assets of the fortune 500 companies plus all of the farmland in the United States.
  3. In 1987 U.S. farmers received more money in government subsidies than they did in selling their crops in the marketplace. In short, farmers now produce for the government , not for U.S. consumers.
  4. In three states today-California, Maine, and New York – almost half of all middle-income family wages are captured by government through income, payroll, property and sales taxes and other levies.

The question I am sure you may be asking is why aren’t our tax payers rising up against this report card. The answer is the slow but intentional growth of government over the last fifty to one-hundred years has been a slow growth where people are exposed to acceptance because this is the way government is going to be.

A growing country would expect growing finances in the federal budget. But even when considering adjusting for the growth in population and inflation the federal expenditures have mushroomed. Federal budgets have become fixed cost that only grow but do not decrease. Growth and proportional budget should equal.

Middle class Americans have been the class of citizen that has encumbered the cost of federal government. This was not as burdensome until now with a shrinking middle class in America. A federal government that is growing at record highs has caused a backlash to Americans through taxation.

When you recall back to the beginning of the federal government purpose by our forefathers and the position we are currently experiencing has visibly shown us how much we have veered off the track. As the old puppet on Sesame Street “Kermit the Frog” use to say it isn’t easy being green. We can now say it isn’t easy being a citizen. At least by what our forefathers felt our citizens should be.

Many decisions are made without citizen influence. If we just follow the money we can see where the issues are in existence far from citizens to a federal government Wherever agencies at lower levels have made the attempts to represent their constituencies the were ignored for the bigger federal picture.

There needs to be a constituted effort to reduce the size of government. The federal government is spiraling out of control. A nation of bureaucracy, a nation without state authority, a nation dependent on federal agenda’s, federally controlled schools with curriculum and instruction, Is there a flavor of forefathers sill alive for the protection of citizenship? It is obvious as we capitalize on our own special interest for the federal government to rescue us the citizen the forefather definition is being lost.

The Power Has been assumed with no authority.

The United States of America was created with an idea of protecting individual rights and a federal government to ensure national security. Over time the big brother dilemma has produced a money trail of entitlement that has coerced local and state governments into servitude to the federal government. What has been ignored is the actual duty of federal government by assuming authority and dictates to states that were never intended by the originators of the Constitution.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a liberal or conservative. Your opinion should be valued and there is enough space to be heard. The system was carefully construed to include your opinion but through greed, entitlement, prejudice, jealousy, politics vs. statesmen, and the love of humanity being at a low priority we have lost sight of how to work within the boundaries of governance which was made for the people and not politicians. Why would any legislation or bill be looked at with political eyes or bi-partisan when our Constitutions relates to” By the people and for the people?” Ask yourself, what is citizenship and how does it work for you and your family.

Definition: the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.

Is voting importance to get re-elected or for letting citizens vote their ideals?

Don’t let citizenship in America die. Keep it for all people qualifying as a citizen to be represented by people who understands a democracy. Citizenship without civic awareness promotes confusion. When considering your role in the community and how does it compare to the size of the federal government? If we consider the ramifications of a monopoly of a corporation and how the purpose is the protection of free enterprise and the encouragement of competition is clearly a proclaimed philosophy. Ask yourself, “Are your rights being heard at the voting box or are you just voting for a political candidate?

Don’t lose faith in being a citizen. It is our job to become more vigilant to the leadership that we elect and our country’s economics. Have we ever experienced a government from year to year having a balanced budget or even a reduced budget. If this continues consider what taxes will be for our future generations!

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