U.S. Department of Education Takes Action

it would be important to revisit why President Carter instituted the U.S. Department of Education:

Primary responsibility for education should rest with those States, localities, and private institutions that have made our Nation’s educational system the best in the world, but the Federal Government has for too long failed to play its own supporting role in education as effectively as it could. Instead of assisting school officials at the local level, it has too often added to their burden. Instead of setting a strong administrative model, the Federal structure has contributed to bureaucratic buck passing. Instead of simulating needed debate of educational issues, the Federal Government has confused its role of junior partner in American education with that of silent partner.

ACICS a national accreditor has been given notice by the federal government they would no longer be under recognition by the Department of Education. This dilemma for schools and colleges has been in the path for several years. Some of these schools have stayed with ACICS, some schools have closed, and others sought other accreditation opportunities. For the ones who are left with ACICS, the ugly hat has rose again. Is this a time when they fold their tent and move on to survive or close the doors and leave? The recent comments have been by authorities it won’t affect that many schools. “No Big Deal”, By not taking sides on these issues. I beg to differ with that comment. When schools close the financial dominoes begin to fall. No matter how many schools there are the affects to teachers, students, employers, and communities can be devastating. We should never look at the diminishing of any school with a myopic view with a statement like it won’t affect that many schools. The auspices should be on how you perpetuate the longevity of good schools to have them continue their good practices. Guilty by association doesn’t work with all the members of a club or organization. When researching many of these schools they have never had any intent of nothing-else but serving students. I applaud their dedication, commitment and fortitude for how they courageously always placed their students first.

What ever the outcomes for these schools caught in the dilemma that means they will have to expend more funds away from their students for new accreditation means a heavy burden for some of the smaller community schools. The dependence on these schools in small communities for skilled workers could be overwhelming. I represent in my teaching days that you never punish the entire class for the wrong doing of a few students. This application applies to tis situation. What has been more genuine and precious than a good school.


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