Alternative High School in Omaha, Nebraska

Starting on the first Friday after Labor Day three mentors and I will begin the school year working with a group of young men at the school.

Introduction: It is a pleasure each year to serve as a mentor to these young men ages fourteen to eighteen. We are blessed to share our life experiences and successes with the students at the Street School. The attendees at the school haven’t met with much success in their lives at a school. In most cases, they have been suspended or expelled from their schools. It is a mission and goal for our mentors to inspire these students to reach new horizons in their lives. During this journey this school year we will be sharing success stories from this school and challenges to better acquaint you with the promising achievements of these students.

We look forward to allowing you to look through the looking glass of a volunteer and how maybe you could become that same volunteer in your community.

The first report will be after the last Friday of each month.

Talk to you soon!

2022 School Year

Week 2

Last week we were graced with fifteen young men ages 15 to 18. All have been removed from their home school and now are attending an alternative school. Our first session was focused on truth and lies. All but one of the young men did not like school. From the information, we as mentors received it was our decision to pursue the topic of how to reverse this feeling about school. We had seven mentors who were coaching us on the importance of completing high school education. Comparisons were presented between those who finish high school and those that don’t. The discussion was focused on how important it is to be ALL IN to succeed. We accepted they were committed but probably committed to the wrong things. If they get up in the morning and don’t go to school and play video games they probably are committed to being lazy and not bettering themselves. Commitment alone is about being devoted, committed, and have a passion for improvement in their lives. We are blessed to have mentors from all walks of life and an immense amount of knowledge of life experience.

  1. Mentor/served over ten years in prison
  2. Mentor/served in prison and has become a pastor
  3. Mentor/serves as an estimator for a large construction company
  4. Mentor/serves jail ministry and is a young man who has come through the Juvenile system
  5. Mentor/serves as a Professor and Department Head for Creighton Unversity in speech.
  6. Mentor/serves and has been working with students and young adults in education for over 55years.
  7. Two of the mentors have advanced graduate degrees.

What makes this work is the curriculum that is used and the diversity of the group which represents all minorities and a multitude of experiences.

Coaching has been styled after the “Pacific Institute.”

Looking forward to next week. Mentors will report back to you in two weeks. No school this week.

Keep the Faith!


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