Rocks in the Road

  1. How is it possible to be successful with these rocks in the road?? 

    We all have moments in our lives that are out of our comfort zones. This illustration gives you some of those situations where we may be stalled in our tracks when confronting the rocks in the road. You can sometimes talk yourself out of a better future.  Have any of you prepared for a special day or event like a holiday or birthday. Your vision provides the way things should be for the day. But when we look at the rocks in the road we don’t use our vision to keep our motivation on the end result. When our focus is on the rocks we crash right into them.  When the rocks seem to be scary we allow the impression to keep us from overcoming steps toward our vision. 

    Simply when you talk to yourself with reactions and do not maintain your vision the result will cause a detour from your vision of what you have desired.  People who are successful have a mindset on what they want. Forethought brings success to you.  It is important to create a path for you to get around the obstacles. If you hold to the image you influence others to help you to succeed.  Your light cannot be extinguished. No one can keep you from your success. Nothing will get in your way!

    The difference at this moment is that I know you can do it. You must know you can do it.  Throughout our life we make investments but when do you invest in yourself? What are you waiting for? Don’t tell yourself you will do it tomorrow. It is important you find a person who shares your vision and have them become your coach. This person becomes your mentor and sounding board to keep you on the path toward success. 

    Forethought, what can you do to start. Start simply with what are you going to do when you get up in the morning, when you go somewhere check out road signs that make you think about what is coming up.  Do you mentally think about your day with logic and emotion? Forethought begins not just when you get up in the morning but will begin many days before. Keep the vision alive.

    Forethought is used at the Street School each week. The ills of life are many individuals who have no forethought, the light of a vision has been put out, and survival is just making it through another day.  Today, I agreed to begin to work with the homeless and people in need at an Open Door Mission to change lives. A key to changing a lifestyle is to begin journal writing.  What could a good journal reveal and guide you?

    A journal could record:
    Setbacks and how to overcome
    Life events
    Your beliefs
    Information from the day you have learned
    Feelings about situations
    The honesty of where you may be getting in the way of your success
    Establish goals and affirmations
    Positive Self Talk

    Date all your journal entries. You will begin to see your progress to achieve your vision.  Society in the past three years has been disrupted by a pandemic and a generation evolving that will be our new leadership. These lessons of life apply to us all. If you are a person who is reading this intro to success for both adults and youth and would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Start your journey to success today!

    Zeal versus Knowledge



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