Veterans Day U.S.A

It is with great pleasure I get to work with young men at the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska. Today was a special day where we discussed the meaning of Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Veterans day and Memorial day has always had a special place in my heart. My deceased father was in the Army for thirty years and was my hero when it came to patriotism and the love of his country the United States of America. It was his attitude and lessons that taught me the appreciation for the veterans of America for what they have sacrificed for the citizens of this country. Throughout history we are so lucky to have the men and women who have graciously given of their time and skills for our benefit. It seems like a small bit of appreciation of on day in May or November when these people have given years and lives to maintain the constitution provided through many blood, Sweat and tears. I had a couple students who have not been privy to my experiences and life with the military by having a father who provided his life to the military but wanted to still express their gratitude towards our veterans. The two narratives were replicated exactly as written. Keep in mind these are people who have reached out for help and are in recovery for many different reasons. You will see the sacrifices our veterans made for these two residents of the Open Door Mission have not gone without their appreciation. I hope you enjoy their remartks.

OEM the Fourth, Many Americans do not understand and take for granted the saying, “Freedom isn’t free.” However, my father is a veteran of the United States Air Force which has given me a good understanding of that saying. I am honored to be a part of a military family and hold a deep respect for those whom gave their lives for this country and for those who are dedicating their lives for this country and for those who are dedicating their lives today. Thank you all that paid the ultimate sacrifice and thank you to those that lived and are a sacrifice for our nation’s safety and security as I writ this letter. I am eternally grateful and we are forever in your debt.

ABJ: To all that has served, Thank you for the peace I can live within today. I thank you for fighting, serving and sacrificing for the peace that I enjoy. Words really don’t explain the feelings I hold for everything our veterans have done for peace, unity, love, care, kindness, strength and courage. My grandfather served in World War II and am assured that even though I never met him his spirit lives on in our family. I served at Fort Sill Oklahoma. I still hold values that I learned there. Finally I would like to express my gratitude for all your love sacrifice, commitment, grace, perseverance, and faith. Thank You for all you have done.

In turmoil and peace we can count on your service people to be their when the need arises!


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