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This post goes out to all the citizens, moms, dads, teachers, and communities in America. My appeal to you comes from observation, translation, and experience that exceeds fifty years of being affected by a slow takeover. You must be aware of the public’s shift in control and direction. private, parochial, and proprietary schools are being slotted and categorized by the US Department of education with a committee politically motivated by members being appointed by politicians called the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity. From its inception to today has been so manipulated that it doesn’t even get close to what it once was during President Carter’s intention.

President Carter

Upon signing the Department of Education Organization Act Statement in October 1979, Carter said:

Primary responsibility for education should rest with those States, localities, and private institutions that have made our Nation’s educational system the best in the world, but the Federal Government has for too long failed to play its own supporting role in education as effectively as it could. Instead of assisting school officials at the local level, it has too often added to their burden. Instead of setting a strong administrative model, the Federal structure has contributed to bureaucratic buck passing. Instead of simulating needed debate of educational issues, the Federal Government has confused its role of junior partner in American education with that of silent partner.

Department of Education Act, October 1979

Was this for political reasons> the first It was the first time the country’s largest labor union, the NEA endorsed a president in the election?

At this time I was active in school operations at the secondary level in special education and had just recently received by doctorate degree in education. At first glance of what President’s intentions were seemed admirable and focused on the responsibilities of the state and local schools. His proclomation seemed to be intended to support the works of local schools by assistance and not the bureaucratic oversite of a federal government. Sounds good from the first glance of 1979. It is with great concern. that I would encourage you to take time to see how federal government by using your tax dollars are taking over control of the neighborhood schools, colleges, career schools, public schools, private schools and trade schools. Decisions in the last twenty years have been made from the US Department of Education without any regard for your community needs. In the past twenty years we have seen big governmnt bailout auto industries, insurance companies, influence energy cost, reduced the value of US dollar, and ignore the forefathers outline of school intentions and requirements. The outward dependency of schools on dollars has put them into a double edged sword of regulations and fear mongoring directed to mere survival from one year to the next.

This government control expansion has been growing with each year and is placing schools into a please and thankyou position with their benefactors. It is my hope that when you see the facts and understand what is at stake here you will consider how important elections are to bring the pedalum back to student oriented decisions that apply to educational methodology for baseline development and optimal potential. There needs to bea complete focus on rewards for great teachers and replicating successful teaching by investing in better teacher training. The parallels from business, technology, economics, life skills, budgeting, civic responsibilities, emotional intelligence and spirituality has become a gray area because of the threats to schools who might be outside the federal government compliance rules and would lose funding. The heights and breadth of what can be in a school is dependent on the rules by regulators. The ability for teachers to put dreams into action would be outside the realm of regulations jurisdiction. I ask you how would an Anne Sullivan teacher be supported today with a Hellen Keller. Her search for what methodology would have been outside the rules.

Today, influences on the next step in education are political and financial and not performance. Both unions and government shy away from what really would make a difference in our schools today. The rewards for expanding and implementing what is successful from the teacher ranks has the attention of an ata boy recognition. Ted Talks brings more forth to the community of educators than the government. Great ideas need support though with promotion, piloting by teachers, training, implementation and review. So many great ideas get lost on the shelf. This call for action is a resullt of a political view where a corporation or business of magnitude is in trouble there is an answer on how to bail them out. But let a school fall to bad times or leadership like business and we just finda a way to close them down.Which affects jobs, communities, families, students, businesses, tax dollar potentials, and the increase in shortages.

Schools Closed Elementary and Secondary Please click on link:


Higher Education

I ask you as a citizen when you get so much lip service to sustaining our great democracy but shun the rapid diminishing of schools and colleges than once were part of your community.

Don’t be fooled by the explanation of how technology and student interest has changed the outlook on how students are proceeding in their educational life. My observations with many of the schools being closed with their enrollments were with students who were first to attend a school of higher education in their family. Final question is after their school closed where are they now?

Ask your representative the right questions that will and are affecting your community and family!


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