If Don’t Like the Weather Today wait Until Tomorrow

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite type of weather?

How does weather measure up to something being favorite? Weather is close to being the number one question in starting a conversation. Throwing this question to people in conversation strikes emotions of envy, sorrow, happiness, or serenity. It is for certain the same weather listed may be considered as anyone of these characteristics of weather. Someone’s pick for favorite relates to there current situation.

Age makes a difference where young people can find almost any weather creates some form of recreational activity. No matter the temperature, wind, rain, snow or ice will find young people making a game out of the situation.

Work makes a difference if you are depending on good weather to complete the job. This is when we begin to reduce what weather best fits the outdoors workers to desire for weather that allows their jobs skills to best utilized in weather friendly to their timely outcomes.

Agriculture depends on the diversity of weather for moisture, sun, that translates to timing and measures which would be appropriate and not to much.

Transportation both in the air and on the ground needs weather that allows for shipping of both goods and people to remain safe and on time.

There are those who seek weather somewhere where they can regenerate and relax. Weather of this type becomes an escape from day to day routine to something enjoyable they could not experience where they work or live. This is the weather you would like to take home with you.

Looking at any weather it may be good or it may be bad. If it creates conflicts and misery it definitely is bad. If it creates happiness and joy it could be good.

No matter where you live you may have four seasons to contend with to maybe two. The seasons of weather which are not anticipated may cause stress and reactions of discontent.

Traveling the entire United States for many years gives notice that there are some more desirable areas to live but no place is ideal. What I found from the people who I spoke with in all the places they lived were their take on satisfaction with the weather seemed similar to people residing in other places. What we see is that when it comes to weather the grass is always greener on the side of the fence. Finally, if you don’t like the current weather, just wait awhile.

As my father used to tell me the sun comes up everyday!


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