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GRCARLSON INC. is a full service corporation to serve your school or college in any one of your functional areas or all. The services your schools or colleges provide are key functions that rely on each other for student satisfaction. We have joined together a group of professionals who can raise the performance in any of these services. Performance of your institution is the measure for your students, parents, employers and regulatory organizations who evaluate their experiences.

Our professionals are available to engage with your schools in any capacity. Our strategic plan to support your schools or colleges would be by one or more of these actions: project work, advisory support, hourly work rates or monthly retainer charges. It is our goal to work within your financial budget to best improve your schools outcomes for all of its operations. Our team members will use any of the following techniques or methods for training your staff: work on site and/or use social media by training through webcast with hardcopy submissions to your schools. You will be assigned one key person to be your spokesperson from our team to use all the professionals at GCARLSON INC. We will be happy to set up a webcast for your school at no cost to answer your questions regarding the expert services we would offer to your schools or colleges who may have an interest in GRCARLSON INC. Please take advantage of this opportunity for a webcast at no cost to you.

No matter what accreditation organization you are a member of the regulatory environment is changing for all of the schools. Regulatory requirements are evolving into a more comprehensive look into the entire school operations. It is essential to schools and colleges they are prepared for what is coming in the near future.

  • What is happening with my accreditation organization?
  • What does the future look like for our schools and colleges?
  • How does government regulatory directions influence and change expectations for a school or college?
  • How do I prepare for an initial or re-accreditation with an accreditation organization?
  • How do we increase student success, graduation rates, employment rates, student retention, and student attendance?
  • How to partner with recruitment services that will provide compliance and verification to new student starts?
  • School leadership training?
  • Linking School Administration, Academics, Financial Aid, Recruitment and Career Services?
  • How to develop strategies for creation and implementation of new programs?
  • How to hire the best people for your school?
  • What professional development would be beneficiary to my professional staff to improve their performance?
  • How to improve student satisfaction?

From what we have seen in the last few weeks is that if any of these functions have compliance or performance issues, it may mean concern for your school. We are ready to help schools thrive again with success. We need to close the gaps.

If you have any interest just give us a call to talk about your thoughts and concerns. It will be the best call you make at this time for our schools future.

Schools and colleges who have used GRCARLSON INC. services:

Bryan University: Springfield MO; Topeka, Kansas; Rogers AR; Columbia MO; and Online

Santa Barbara Business College: Bakersfield, Rancho Mirage, Santa Barbara, Santa Maria, Ventura and Online.

Professional Training Centers: Miami, Florida

Anthem Colleges: Colleges (42)

Concorde Colleges: California, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Online

Career Education Corporation: Headquarters/Career Services and Accreditation

Harrison Colleges: Eleven campuses in Indiana; one campus in Morrisville, NC and one campus in Grove City, OH.

Trainings for Professional Organizations and State Associations:

Ohio, Virginia, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Kentucky (Secondary School Guidance Counselors), Career College Association, ACICS, APSCU, and twelve years for the Leadership Institute sponsored by CCA and APSCU.

We have a strong communication relationship with publishing companies. (Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Elsivier, Jouve)

These experiences have been rewarding and productive to the schools we have served.

Please contact us at:


Phone: 317-258-3401

SMS: 3172583401



Teacher Methods for Different Learning Styles

In the classroom of all levels of education we experience many different learning styles. Many teachers in career schools have a strong background in their CORE subject but have not had the opportunity to study how to teach to different learning styles in the classroom. Recently I started a teacher and administrator professional development site to give both teachers and administrators the opportunity to take development courses. The courses that will appear will both enhance teachers ability to teach students but will give a greater level of success to student potential. The first courses are related to student advising and learning disabilities you may encounter from students who are in your school. Before coming into the career school sector I had been working with students with learning challenges. From this period of time when I experienced the challenges these students had facing them I completed my masters degree in special education. Now with these experiences I am giving schools the ability to grant professional develpment for their instructors to improve their teaching skills. Pleasec visit our site at Student and Teacher Success Improvement The site will be adding more courses throughout the year. Focus will be continually on school improvement and regulatory compliance.

Short Course on Learning Disabilities

Just the other night I was attending a neighborhood party. During all the conversations we were having I realized one of our good friends had a young daughter who had a leanring disability. For you who know me working with special needs students had been my life for close to twenty years before I entered the proprietary schools. After hearing some of the myths and school IEP meeting struggles I decided to publish an intro to “learning disabilitites” course. Soon you will see the course is available on “”. The URL for my courses are Dr. Carlson’s courses

The presentation is an easy to understand summary of the definition of learning disabilities, assessment value, teaching techniques and teaching approaches that will bring a higher potential for success with special needs students.

This presentation is for teachers at all levels and parents. After my discussion with these parents it stirred me to give some solid proven directions.

My sincere wish is that this can help teachers who have such a wide variety of students in their classrooms. Plus, famialize parents with the process of service.


Educators, Teachers, Parents, Students

Over the past several years education always makes the news when elections are on the horizon. I have now seen seen 12 presidential elections and the politics are always the same when it comes to education and how government can improve its fate. Without question outcomes with our schools has brought about some concern where there used to be state responsibilities for education but now has become more and more tied to the purse strings of the federal government. When President Carter made the statement with commencement of the Department of Education Act with his definition of what it would mean to the American citizens. I have included a link to his direct position on signing the Department of Education Act.

Please read the proposed purpose of creating a Department of Education and you be the judge to decide if  it has worked out as planned? In my days in the 1970’s it was looked upon as necessary to have  have a representation for supporting our schools. Throughout the past 37 years has it become more of a watchdog approach to our communities and states? Has our teachers been given directions that could reduce the ability to be creative with students and allow students to be creative? Are we measuring our schools with standardized testing so they can be praised or punished? How much help has been addressed to schools who are struggling rather than punishing them? My opportunities has allowed me to visit schools all over America and the diversity from one state to another is related to the communities our students grow up and live. As educators we know there is no one approach that fits all.

Our approach of governance has allowed decisions being made for our communities by people we will never meet. Funding for schools becomes a matter of bureaucracy where all schools abide by cookie cutter approaches. The decision making has been taken away from local boards, school leadership and teachers with extreme government oversight. Our USDOE has the opportunity to interpret government legislation and implement their guidance to schools across America. This is true for all schools receiving any type of federal funding. The danger of accepting federal dollars are the strings attached. I have grave concerns when I see schools closing, teacher layoffs, programs being discontinued and sanctions being place on schools who have already been struggling. Through the past seven years we have been more than gracious to bail/out a number of industries but have done nothing but criticize our school performances. Our education system need change. The governmental system and structure has not kept up with the times for our students.

Performance and outcomes for our schools are important. Let’s begin to implement a process where schools can measure the performance and provide the development strategy to improve. Your voice with your candidates and elected officials has never been needed more than now. If you have an interest in our education system in America please let your elected officials know what you are thinking.

Thank you for supporting America’s education improvement.








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