Pride and Prejudice in Education

Leadership in Education

gCarlson U will be loading courses for you faculty. Please view as training possibilities for your faculty and staff.

Gary R. Carlson

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We are constantly working with students with diverse and different learning styles. This video gives approaches to working with students with learning disabilities.



Learning Style Assessment


High School graduates and first year post secondary students often have a great deal of confusion as to what do they want to do for a career. What most happens is trial and error by enrolling in programs that may end up not being the answer for the student. Recently I came upon a potential answer for some of our students. It is available for free to try it with students.


Explanation of MyVerse:


The first day at school is important in preparing the student to be persistent up to their last day of completion. The environment and atmosphere must meet the expectations of the student. During the beginning you will hear some interference from callers calling into the webcast. It does subside and we finish with good audio.

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