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  • Reflections and Predictions

    A Story of My Pride and Prejudice for our Sector! My good friend Jean Norris asked some of us to respond to a question of what schools need to do to continue in the future. If any of us had a magic wand we could just point to your school and make it happen. I […]

  • The Tale of Proprietary Schools

    How many times have you heard the story of an inventor, entrepreneur, outstanding athlete or a success story when the majority of the people around them did not support their efforts or ideas. Surprisingly these individuals met with great success. What set them apart to not give up on their dream? A dream without a […]

  • Follow the MONEY

    In the last two weeks we have been given a wake up call. Really I don’t believe we should have had much of a surprise. When did we not have special consideration for any one with the money to influence a decision. Politicians spend exorbitant amounts of money to win an election. News media broadcast […]