Your Future is not in the Rearview Mirror

No matter the age you are today, your station in life may be the people who have influenced you up to this point. If you are younger it could be your peers or family that has been the guiding post of who you think you are in life. As you get older your experiences with more people increase. These moments in life result in high points and low for all of us. My life has had its share of ups and downs but one thing is for sure I have been blessed with all of them. During my high school graduation reunion, I was asked by a classmate whatever happened to me? They explained that if they were to vote on who was the most likely to never succeed in life it was me. His question to me, was what changed my life? My only response to this question is people.

My journey in life has helped me become a better servant leader of others by recognizing people’s strengths over weaknesses. These strengths may not have been all academic but were a host of soft skills, cognitive skills, tactile skills, common sense skills, health, and hygiene, coping skills, problem-solving, family, fatherhood, and faith.

It has been my pleasure to join other mentors each week to support young men fourteen to eighteen at an alternative high school. Looking at them each week up close and personal you can see their expectations of themselves are what their family and peers expect of them. If that is true they don’t understand their own potential in life. A question for you about your life have you been all-in? Reviewing your journey provides fuel for your future. Are you all in or just satisfied?

As we approach each day we encounter rocks on the road.

Climbing to Success!

Each of us will encounter some or all of these rocks in the road which can dampen your ability to meet with success. Some of these pronounce immediately failure for those who give up to the blocks in front of us. Remember what my classmate said what happened to you. There wasn’t faith in my peers that I could achieve success in conquering these rocks in the road. Your search should be for people who don’t enable your failures but they need to encourage your ability to persevere. People who have experienced success in their lives have conquered the rocks in the road. All of these successful people have experienced wisdom from people they have met in their life to model and mentor successful practices to enjoy achieving their goals. Assuredly we know the structural needs with education, hard-work, discipline, motivation, endurance and personal faith to build your foundation life skills. Even with these accomplishments each successful person will report to you the key people in their lives who modeled and mentored them.

Street School

In conclusion, I recommend for us who work with people to improve their lives needs to encourage them to surround themselves with positive mentors and models to understand the pitfalls in life and how to avoid them. Keep your eye on the prize and people who can help you with their practices which brought them to the table of success.

Society is in need of more mentors!


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