Racism, Equity, prejudice, hypocrisy, covetous and worry

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

After a day of reflecting on our country and my being part of it for the past seventy-five years I decided to reflect on what is the obvious. My life as a white American who has lead a dedicated life to education of citizens from age five on into higher education. My personal primary and secondary education included the years of the 1950’s and 60’s. This was an era of propaganda, Cold War, Vietnam War, nuclear war potential, music revolution, drug abuse, demonstrations, segregation, civil rights, racism and and the prelude to family unity changing as we knew it with new dysfunctions.

Even with all the fear factors the United States appeared to have great promise for improving the status of life for everyone. During the early years of a baby boomer’s life into the teenage years parents were focused on their children having a better life than what their parents experienced. Work ethic, education and spiritual faith were considered essential to succeed. This family message for success was the same no matter of status, race, religion, or culture. The approach to achieve this goals may not be the same but opportunity was there for young men and women to grasp. The prize was available but it meant different things to different people and how we attained it was different.

Even with these encouragements of opportunity there was inequity of treatment in schools, legislation, war, housing, employment, religion, and many hardships primarily fell upon minorities of all the under represented. The picture above is from 1968 but could very well be 2021. Over fifty years of some of the most miraculous accomplishments anyone could imagine except for humanity of life improvements in acceptance, equity, love, hope, and the value of the human life. It is obvious we have touted ourselves on all the conveniences that have been created with almost miracle proportions over the last fifty years. When it comes to humanity to improve how we live our lives together has been approached from a passive awareness. As I look at the disruptions of today there are only two kinds of people who would deny any of what I have said. They are the disengaged and the dishonest.

The question is placed in front of us all when I have had the fortune or misfortune to see the ignoring of what really is the solution to the problem we all are confronted to solve. History is a good example of how our attempts over the years I have been alive did not work. Take another look at the picture. Society passed this hot potato offf to politicians who did the only thing they know how to do and that is to draft a bill. This then becomes a law or regulation. From our laws we began the onslaught of only making the canyon of disparity and hatred growing larger. The unaffected regarding the legislation continue as always and those who have suffered from life’s inheritances continue within the corrals of life.

The result of our laws, regulations, covetous leaders, and hypocritical leaders has produced more prisons, more poverty, addictions, more absentee fathers, welfare cost increases, entitlement expectations, hatred, prejudice, and family unity dysfunctions. Intentionally or not we as citizens have created a life of accepting prejudice and inequality even though we are not morally supportive of the condition. I could be assured the answer does not lie in laws and regulations. From the time of slavery and immigration in this country we have experienced the outgrowth of acceptance of inequality, segregation, and justice malfeasance. Like any issue the resolution comes from knowing the problem and educating a mindset that over time will resolve the issue. There are certainly the gaps that promote the issues but the gaps need to be closed and the education in our schools at a young age with comprehension of what is right and wrong. There is no harm in individuality but there is harm in entitlement. The individuality in our lives makes for a strong country but entitlement is the wrong form of motivation.

Media feeds upon the racist format. As a white person media portrays a black human being as a victim or criminal. Some of the journalism in media is the greatest form of racists communication by creating stereotypes depicting their optimal view of how to sensationalize the characters. Media has had a part in forming opinions in politics, race relations, religions, gender, education, violence, riots, or all potential influences on citizens who are affected by media productions. Media today can be created and produced off anyones smart phone and scripted with the sensationalism of skewing opinions of the public.

Until our consuming public knows the real truth through history and the challenges for the future we will never change our plight in life. Babies are not born with the sociological or psychological bias but learn them as they grow up.

To make progress with this challenge of society it is time to understand the solution comes from birth through life. Both motherhood and fatherhood have a great deal to do with all aspects of the future. Praise individuality and despise entitlement.

If we can just begin to be part of the skill development of our generations growing up we can change the world. Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the the needs of the few.

As Dr. Laura Jana has presented to us in her newest book “The Toddler Brain” and the skills of”







What if

our newest generation will solve the humanity problems for us.

My final message is to all of us who have experienced this plight over the years should recognize the people we have looked to for answers have been part of the problem.

Let the healing begin with our newest generations.

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